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Why buy presets when you can create your own?  Let me walk you through it, step by step!


designer home presets

Perfect for Home & Decor Photos

I photographed high-end interiors for years and I learned a few Lightroom tricks along the way.

I took those insider secrets and created an amazing set of Home & Decor Presets that can turn even the darkest of shadows or difficult yellow lighting into crisp, bright photos that will have you editing like a pro in no time.
If you are a blogger or influencer and would like to make the images of your home and furnishings look bright and inviting...this Lightroom Preset pack is perfect for you!
Click the link below to get your hands on this amazing NEW preset



product presets

Perfect for Shop & Boutique Owners.

Editing product photos is Easier Than Ever!

My product presets are changing the game for so many shop owners. If you long for bright, clean edits, but struggle with maintaining clarity and definition...this is the perfect product for you.
Not only do you get an amazing set of presets, you will learn so much about editing in Lightroom and creating your own style in the process.
Long gone are the days of muddy, boring edits, give yourself the gift of time this year and let my presets do the hard work for you.

portrait presets

Perfect for ALL Skin Tones. Family Photos and Selfies are Welcomed Here!

Perfect for family photos, group images and even puppy photos! The JBC Portrait Presets were created to flatter every skin tone. That means no more guesswork, or fiddling with sliders.

These brand new presets are light and breezy, perfect for summer and incredibly flattering.  

Click the link below to explore a massive gallery of edited examples!


food presets

Perfect for the Foodie in All of Us.

Do you want to show off those YUMMY photos of your delicious dishes, but you hold off because your iPhone photos make the food look too dark or even yellow?

What if you could just snap a pic on your phone and edit it directly on your mobile device using the EXACT same professional presets I have used to color correct thousands of photos?
If you are a blogger or influencer and would like to make the images of your food look as good as it tastes...my Food Presets are perfect for you!
Click the link below to get your hands on this amazing set of presets!



Kayli C.

I have almost all of Jana Bishops preset packages and am in love with all of them. I was so excited she came out with the “home” collection and purchased it right away. My home photos look amazing using her presets and I get compliments all the time of my photos thanks to these presets.


Jennifer Y.

I have tried several presets and Jana’s are by far my absolute favorite! I couldn’t post a decent photo without these presets. She provides a user friendly tutorial for downloading them, which is much appreciated! These presets add so much value to my Instagram page..

Here's an idea

Have you ever thought about creating &  selling your own presets...