How To Use TikTok To Increase Sales



One of the quickest ways to make the most of leveraged marketing is to create content for TikTok. I know, I know. You are probably rolling your eyes right about now.


TikTok's algorithm currently places content in front of ideal followers and customers at record speed. Even creating an account is an act of marketing genius. Filling it with quality content, well, that's just the next best thing you can do to running ads.


Here's why...


When I discuss creating content for TikTok, I'm not referring to dancing videos and awkward lip-syncing. Those methods are outdated and not what a professional brand needs to be doing at this point in the game.


What you need to do is post one TikTok per day, where you speak directly to your customer's needs. What are they facing right now? What do you know about the topic, and what can you share to set yourself up as the expert in that area?


Hint: There should be multiple areas where you can help and provide value. Remember, we are talking to the pain point. Not giving them another step-by-step solution.


I'll include a handy video outline below that you can try today. Start recording and posting to TikTok, and then, soon enough you'll have a library of content to repurpose on Instagram, Facebook Ads, and of course, Pinterest.


TikTok Hook Example:


Steal my (insert something of value). Mine might say: Steal my million-dollar ads funnel


3 Sentence Example - type this out and then just record yourself saying it. Remember, short, quick clips work best. Don't wait 3 seconds to start talking.


1. The biggest mistake you are making in (blank)


2. If you are only using (blank) to (blank) you are making a big mistake.


3. You need (blank) AND (blank) to reach (insert goal) and beyond.


Here's an example of how a weight loss coach might use that sentence example:


Hook = Steal my #1 Keto Hack


1. The biggest mistake you are making when going Keto.


2. If you only use protein to reach your goals, you are making a big mistake.


3. You need a balance of fat AND protein to reach your desired weight.


Try this out today, and let me know how it goes!